Parks, beaches, games, water sports and wineries... it's play time!

A magnificent urban landscape on the Mediterranean coast, with scenic countryside, rolling vineyards and craggy mountains all nearby, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do in and around Barcelona.

Even after you’ve ticked off all the major tourist attractions, blown your travel budget shopping and sampled the city’s finest restaurants and busiest bars, the capital of Catalonia still has more to offer in the way of entertainment.

Our Play section is dedicated to the pursuit of leisure and fun stuff (for more high brow pursuits head to our culture page); so whether you're a beach bum, water sports guru, bowling fanatic, cinema buff, spa addict, park lover, health and fitness freak, adrenalin junkie, golf enthusiast or indeed aficionado of any other exciting activity (we're not too into stamp collecting), then check out what's listed on Barcelona Life. If nothing else, every visitor should experience entertainment in its purist form - at the Camp Nou, Barcelona's very own theatre of footballing dreams.

Use our search filter below to quickly find what you're looking for in a district near you. And remember, on top of all those fun things to do, we've also listed some of our favourite activities, tour providers, and excursions elsewhere on the site.

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If you’re looking to entertain a diverse group of people, while keeping them well fed and ...

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