Parc de Cervantes

Rose garden perfect for a quiet stroll

Little known, even to long-time residents, the Parc de Cervantes houses the most beautiful rose gardens in Barcelona. There are over 10,000 roses and 2,000 different species of rose in this pretty park. There’s a special section dedicated to perfumed roses, and a contest area that showcases the loveliest roses from around the world.

In May, the park holds an international rose competition for new varieties of rose. The peak flowering time is between May and July, when the park has over 150,000 fragrant roses in bloom.

Filled with flat grassy paths, the Parc de Cervantes is a good place for a quiet afternoon stroll. Although this park isn’t in the city centre, it’s very easy to find. To get to the Parc de Cervantes, hop on the metro’s L3 (the green line) and take it to Zona Universitaria. The park is just a few steps away from the metro exit. Maybe you should pack a copy of the Spanish bard’s masterpiece Don Quixote for your journey!


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Parc de Cervantes

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