Xcape Room BCN

Horror and heist-themed escape rooms

Just a short walk from Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church, directly opposite the stunning Hospital de Sant Pau, you will find this modern facility, boasting three different escape rooms, each with its own flavour.

One murder mystery, one horror, and one heist themed room all await, ready to challenge your grey matter to see if you’ve got what it takes to beat the room… and get out alive!

All of the games are available in English or Spanish.

1. Gallery of Corpses

In the year 1986, Barcelona was the stage of a spate of grizzly murders that went unsolved. The corpse of each victim was found with a missing body part. Can you identify the sophisticated serial killer, with a love or art and a taste of the occult? Suitable for 2-6 players, this room is a 60 minute game of medium difficulty.

2. Casino Royal

Fans of Ocean’s Elven won’t want to miss this room, in which you pit your wits against the mafioso casino boss in an attempt to escape with a briefcase full of crisp €100 notes. Solve the puzzles on the poker table and roulette wheel, then hack into el jefe‘s computer to shut down the security cameras before his team of thugs turn up to give you the Joe Pesci treatment. Another medium difficulty game of 60 minutes, for 2-6 players.

3. Miko’s Diary

There’s more than a nod to classic horror movies like The Ring, in this challenge, where participants have to investigate the disappearance of Japanese student Miko. Some say she hung herself due to exam pressure, but after discovering her diary a more sinister truth presents itself. This challenge is also medium difficulty, for 2-6 players.

Three More Games!

As well as the above rooms, you can book three more games at Xcape Room BCN’s sister venue Room of Riddles, which is located in the Port Olimpic district near the beach. You can read more about Room of Riddles here.

Hosting Events

Want to host a birthday, a team building event, or any other type of party? Get in touch with the Xcape team and they will gladly host you, and propose some ideas on how to organise the event.


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Xcape Room BCN

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