Escape rooms with a keen sense of fun

Set up by an international team, Lock-Clock offers three wildly different escape rooms in the very centre of Barcelona.

Room 1: Mission Gaudi

Those looking for a puzzle tied to the Catalan capital’s identity should travel back in time to 1936 to take on “Mission Gaudi”. In this scenario anarchists have set fire to La Sagrada Familia, and your job – as students of the master architect – is to rescue his final plans from his studio in the crypt before the basilica goes up in flames. Unfortunately the enigmatic genius locked his designs behind several mind-boggling conundrums to ensure their safekeeping – meaning things are about to get hot!

Room 2: Aztec Treasure

A somewhat easier challenge awaits in the form of the “Aztec Treasure” room, designed for families with children and also suitable for beginners. You find yourself in the officer’s cabin of a rapidly-sinking Spanish galleon with the skeleton of Captain Pablo de Sangria, who chose to guard the boat’s treasure with a series of head-scratching puzzles. Can you outsmart the dead sailor or will you join him in a watery grave?

Room 3: After Party

Finally, there’s “After Party”. In this – all too plausible – storyline, you are rudely awoken in the pitch black of a stranger’s locked apartment. You have one hour to figure out what happened last night and escape with your dignity before the police arrive to give you a whopping fine. Hopefully you’re not too hungover to get out in time!

All of Lock-Clocks’ scripts and puzzles were written by an award-winning film director, and a wicked sense of humour underpins the challenges, making these some of Barcelona’s most entertaining escape rooms.

Latest Reviews of Lock-Clock

  • "Una experiencia buenísima!" - by Meritxell Pajuelo Toledo
    Fue una experiencia buenísima! Me encantó que mezclara diferentes sentidos para poder espacar de ahí. Una buena trama y un buen sitio. Seguro que repito! (:


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