Cheese Tasting

Dairy delights in this special tasting experience

Move over France and Switzerland, Spain has some of the best cheeses and artisan producers in the world. Whereas ManchegoRoncal and Teta de Bruja are relatively famous names used to gracing international platters, what about the delectable goat’s cheese of Garrotxa with its sweet nutty taste? And the Mato de Montserrat, a typically fresh Catalan cheese farmed from the livestock of the jagged peaks of the sacred Montserrat mountain?

During this cheese tasting session you’ll get to sample a broad range of Spanish and Catalan curds, which you simply won’t be able to find abroad, enjoying their complex variety of scents, flavours and textures. Accompanying your dairy spread will be carefully selected wines as well as dried fruits and rustic breads and home-made jams.

The tastings take place at the boutique Formatgeria La Seu shop in the Gothic Quarter, and you can find out prices and timings on their website.

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Cheese Tasting

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