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When Maximum Escape launched in Barcelona in 2016, most escape rooms were essentially a series of thematically connected puzzles, that led you to solve one number code after another to exit the room.

With a shared background in video gaming, and a desire to offer something more immersive, the passionate international team at Maximum Escape began to pioneer a second generation of games in the Catalan capital. Gone are the locks and no-touching rules, instead you are plunged into movie-like scenes, where you are the protagonists, and you are completely free to interact with the objects, sights and smells of your environment to complete your quest.

Each of their stories were developed by professional script writers, before being handed over to stage designers, who worked in tandem with engineers and programmers, to bring the whole experience to life. In fact, some of their rooms are so elaborate they took more than a year to build.

The company’s rapid expansion is a testament to the quality of their product, and with two locations in Barcelona and a total of 8 games to choose from (all available in English), they undoubtedly offer some of the best alternate reality experiences in the city.

Each game has a totally different flavour, so check our descriptions below and see which you think you’ll enjoy the most…

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At the original location, on Carrer de Girona 27, you can play the following games.

The Dungeon: The Last Round

No one can hear you scream down in the dark dank depths of this medieval dungeon. Your only chance of getting out is by winning a deadly game of cat and mouse with your executioner. Can you outwit the man with the axe?

Gangsters: Money, Guns & Whiskey

Take on the ruthless Iscapone family, in this game of gangsters vs. gangsters in Prohibition-era America. Can you outfox the rival mafia to ensure you’re top dog of the criminal underworld? Time is against you, and this is one race you definitely don’t wanna lose.

Vault 27

You have survived the nuclear apocalypse (congratulations by the way!), but can you get back from Vault 27 to the Earth’s surface? This is Maximum Escape’s flagship game, a 90 minute full immersion challenge, during which you’ll need a mix of intelligence, agility and bravery to stand any chance of success.

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At their second location on Carrer de Trafalgar 17, you can play the following games.

Sherlock Holmes vs. London Devil

If you always fancied yourself as a super sleuth, now is time to put the theory to the test in this detective game with a thriller-style atmosphere. England needs you!

Prisoners of Alkaban

There’s more than a nod to Harry Potter here, as you use a mix of magic and cunning to escape from your prison cells in this spooky subterranean dungeon. You even get to duck and dodge over some Entrapment-style security lasers… so bring someone lithe and flexible in your group.

Ulysses Spaceship

Project Ulysses is recruiting volunteers for a pioneering interstellar mission, a manned spaceship which will fly to the stars to find extraterrestrial life. Once you’re light years away from Earth, what could go wrong?


“This game is not suitable for people with panic attacks and fear of darkness,” is the warning that comes with this game – one that is definitely not your conventional escape room! You’ll need to rely on all your senses… except vision of course.

Damn Fame

In this futuristic fantasy, you form part of “The Inspiration Army”, your mission to get inside the head of Dorian Van Ish, an artist who has lost his mojo. Can you get his creative neurons firing again and rescue his best work from the recesses of his own mind?

Team Building Events

With a capacity for 33 people to play at any one time, Maximum Escape are able to offer their rooms for team building events, icebreakers, afterwork ‘parties’, or as an incentive/reward for your team.

They can also offer catering, meeting rooms, and coach assessment of your staff’s performance, and are ready to meet any other needs you might have. Find out more here.


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