Las Ramblas

Take a walk on the wild side!

La Rambla may have its detractors, but the vast majority of tourists (at least the ones that don’t fall prey to the pickpockets), will enjoy a stroll down this colourful boulevard which is brimming with activity, nefarious or otherwise, day and night.

Winged demons terrify old ladies, silver cyclists freeze in mid-motion and flamenco dancers clap their castanets… and that’s just the street performers. Hawkers ply their trade, selling tacky souvenirs to daytrippers or supermarket-priced beers to party-goers who wend in and out of the numerous bars and cafes. After dark, ladies of the night catcall at groups of lads who lap up the attention.

Undoubtedly La Rambla (commonly referred to in plural form, as Las Ramblas) has a sleazy element to it, but sometimes it’s fun to walk on the wild side.

For a full look at things to see and do on La Rambla click here.

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