El Rouge

Once the favoured hang out for dancers at the legendary El Molino theatre, Rouge was shut down when high society got a little too high for the authorities’ liking.

Now Rouge has re-opened and, if some of the naughtier goings-on no longer take place, the venue’s seemingly irrepressibly louche and Bohemian atmosphere still prevails. The red lighting, shabby sofas, cherub-bedecked gold bar and kitsch art work (oil paintings of semi-naked lobster-sellers and badly-forged Van Eycks) all contribute to a chaotic and intimate setting, perfect for knocking back a cocktail or five.

The crowd is older and more sophisticated than some of Barcelona’s more touristy bars, the eclectic downtempo tunes a cut above the usual chart nonsense, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a poetry performance or other artistic event.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, Rouge also has WiFi if you need to log on with a lager earlier in the evening.

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El Rouge

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