La Whiskeria

Timeless whisky bar near Las Ramblas

“Always carry a flagon of whisky in case of snakebite, and furthermore, always carry a small snake.”

Wise words from the American jester W.C. Fields, who was clearly partial to a drop or two of “liquid sunshine”. If you are too then be sure to drop by this classy little whisky bar, which is just a couple of minutes detour from Las Ramblas.

With over 250 references of every variety, from single malts, blends, bourbons and Scotches, La Whiskeria is a peerless point of call for the discerning drinker. Not only can you get your hands on legendary brands like Balvenie, Blantons and Kavalan, but the knowledgeable bar staff can also rustle you up any number of whisky-based cocktails, made with their own homemade bitters and syrups, or fruit-infused spirits. Their menu consists of innovative takes on classics like the highball or whiskey sour. The true connoisseur might ask the bartender for a draught from one of the many independent local and international distillers they support.

Libations aside, La Whiskeria is a wonderful looking spot that was opened by the owners of Boadas, way back in 1969 as a sort of exclusive nightspot. Adorned with an old gramophone player, pendulum clock, art deco lamps and gilt-framed oil paintings, it retains a timeless elegance, with a nod to the American Jazz Age.

Upstairs there’s a charming lounge with low tables and upholstered seating, a cosy contrast to the high stools and wall-affixed tables of the street level; the perfect place for a date, or an exclusive birthday bash.

Of course it’s not all whiskey and, while you won’t find any food on the menu, there is a reputable selection of other spirits (gins, rums, vodkas) and beers.


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La Whiskeria

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