Gigi Von Tapas

Laidback hang out near Monumental

If you’re looking for a cosy place to hang out and sip a leisurely cocktail, far from the manic pace and madding crowds of the old town, this classy tapas joint could prove a good fit.

Opposite the gorgeous La Monumental Bull Ring (no longer used for the purpose), and not far from La Sagrada Familia, Gigi Von Tapas is both central yet segregated, meaning you can position your posterior on one of their elegant bar stools and peruse the drinks menu at an altogether more civilised pace than some other parts of town.

The list of libations is both extensive and alluring. Their “bodega beer” is pumped straight from the hanging barrels on the wall into your glass, as if straight from the brewery itself, while signature cocktails like the bumblebee, made from Poland’s legendary Żubrówka vodka, with honey, lemon juice, greek yoghurt and pollen, offer something different to seasoned imbibers.

Locals hardly drink Spain’s supposed bebida of choice, sangria, but you might beg to differ when you note that Gigi’s rustle up a homemade variety, made with a touch of brandy and port, that is perfect for a summer’s day out on their pleasant street terrace.

The bar’s spacious interior is tastefully decorated with all manner of curiosities, from tabletops made from recycled Norwegian pine to light shades made of sieves from Bordeaux’s flea market. Antique car lovers will note with interest the wall-mounted 1942 Peugeot car bonnet from WWII.

All in all, Gigi’s is a place where time passes soothingly slowly, either alone or in good company. And if you feel the hunger pangs kick in as a result of all this hanging around, you won’t have any trouble finding something appetising on their brunch menu (9am to 4pm) or evening menu (6pm til midnight).


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Gigi Von Tapas

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