Imma Sarries Zgonc

English-speaking independent midwife

Imma Sarries Zgonc is an independent midwife, who offers a complete range of services to do with childbirth, including: the support and monitoring of pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, home-birth assistance, labour care (for women who wish to give birth in hospital), support during the postpartum period, breastfeeding support group, shiatsu for motherhood, and external version for breech presentation with non-invasive methods.

Her principal goal is to work alongside women and their partners to ensure a safe and positive childbirth experience, whilst respecting their individual wishes and recognising their values and beliefs. This involves understanding thoroughly pregnancy, childbirth and pospartum physiology. She takes into account the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of birth, knowing that midwifery care can determine the long-term physical outcomes and emotional integrity of women and their families.

She believes it is essential to promote the empowerment of women, to protect and care for the welfare of mother and baby; maximising the mother’s safety, while increasing her confidence in the physiology and instinctive behaviour, to minimise unnecessary interventions. Imma has studied and worked in both Spain and the UK, and speaks fluent Catalan, Spanish and English, as well as German and French. For more health services in Barcelona click here.


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Imma Sarries Zgonc

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