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An integral art of Barcelona's Gaudi trail, Casa Vicens was built between 1883 and 1888 and was one of the architect's first major works. The man responsible for commissioning this luxury four floor house in Gracia was stock-broker Manuel Vicens i Montaner, a friend of the architect's who had recently inherited the property after his mother died. Gaudi wasted no time in setting out his artistic stall with this dare-we-say-it 'gaudy' little number, full of ostentatious brickwork, Moorish trills and the architect's trademark over-the-top chimneys. As Casa Vicens is privately owned there's no chance of getting inside for a peek, although we've heard rumours of an open day on May 22nd each year. Alternatively you could stump up 30 million euros and buy the place...

Casa Vicens

Based on my life of studying mundane archetecture in varying countries around the world, I have concluded that Guadi is the most established and unique dude of all

reviewed by Asara Tkobaganstan from Trinidad and Tobago on Jan.21.2011

This build is very pretty. I love the black and white building blocks. Gaudi is like the most amazing architect!!

reviewed by Bob Coralez from United States on Jan.21.2011