Temple of Augustus

2,000 year old Roman ruins

The name Barcelona comes from the old Roman name of the city ‘Barcino’, after the Italians seized control of the area from the Carthiginians, a feat that Caesar Augustus declared complete in 19 BC.

Whilst Barcino was never as important to the Romans as Tarraco (modern day Tarragona) and Zaragoza, there are still plenty of remnants left over from the Roman days that you can spot in the city centre, if you know where to look.

One of the most well-hidden is the Temple of Augustus, four towering columns in a quiet courtyard of the Gothic Quarter that were uncovered entirely by accident in the 19th century. They are impressive in scale and would have once been part of a 37-metre-long temple eleven columns long dedicated to Emperor Caesar Augustus.

Entry is free, and it’s usually quite peaceful unless a passing tour pops in.


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Temple of Augustus

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