Torre Glories

Barcelona's answer to London's 'Gherkin'

Formerly known as the Torre Agbar (it was built as the headquarters of the Aigues de Barcelona water company: Ag + Bar = Agbar!), this iconic tower was renamed in 2017 following its sale to Merlin Properties real estate, and now takes its name from the square it overlooks.

A whopping 144-metres-high, like the Sagrada Familia and the twin towers on the Port Olimpic, Torre Glories has become synonymous with the Barcelona skyline ever since it was inaugurated with by King Carlos in 2005,

A vast phallic shape exploding upwards in the resurgent district of Poblenou, the tower – according to its French architect Jean Nouvel – reminds us of a geyser bursting up from the ground (and definitely not of a huge dildo).

Despite raising a few wry smiles, most agree that the tower is a bona fide architectural masterpiece and it certainly looks amazing with its 4,500 LED luminous devices putting on a light show for city residents every night. The building also uses solar energy, non-toxic materials and even optimised elevator routes for maximum sustainability.

At present visitors are not invited to climb Torre Glories for what we can only imagine would be amazing views, but we’ll keep you posted when we learn more about the new developers plans for the edifice.


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Torre Glories

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