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"If you've seen one church, you've seen them all," is not a phrase that applies to Gaudi's mighty unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, the most iconic building in Barcelona and one of mankind's greatest architectural achievements. Epic in scale, the cathedral's towering spires are like something from the realm of fantasy and all around them are religious motifs in the modernist style of the maestro himself, Antoni Gaudi. Famously La Sagrada Familia is as yet unfinished, despite work starting in 1882, however the latest word is that it will be completed in time for the centenary of Gaudi's death in 2026. The cathedral is open everyday from 9am to 6pm Oct-Mar, and Apr-Sept until 8pm. Tickets 11 euros.

La Sagrada Familia


reviewed by from Belarus on Jan.10.2017

Definitely a must-see in Barcelona! I like the outside better than the inside. But it's worth going inside because when do you ever get to see something like this halfway through being built?

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.13.2015

La Sagrada... it's incredible, stunning and demands attention, and without a doubt up close it's one of the ugliest buildings I have seen.

There's a reason why the question - "does the word 'gaudy' roiginate from 'Gaud'" - gets asked so often.

Nonetheless, I think the world would be a lesser place without it, as it would when it tries to muffle art/expression.

reviewed by Marcus from Spain on Jun.25.2013

Visited here in 2006, walked all the way from Le Seu Cathedral on a lovely sunny Sunday thro the city streets. Aweaome sight to behold...pity I won't be around to see it finished(or maybe I will - who knows)!

reviewed by Ken Hanrahan from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2013


reviewed by SASO from Macedonia on Jun.12.2012

OMG I LOVE IT. THE LA SAGRA FAMILIA IS TRUELY INSPIRING AND ABSOLUTLY A-MAZING. Antonio Guadi should truely be praised for designing such a magnificent building!!

reviewed by Nancy Grey from Bosnia on Sep.13.2011

Didn't actually go inside, but it's spectacular from the outside.
It's nice just to stand outside and study the intricate decoration. It's a very rare privilege to be able to watch a cathedral evolving and being constructed.
This process makes you think back to the more ancient structures and the though processes that lead to their construction.

reviewed by Neil P from United Kingdom on Dec.16.2010

Looks great from a distance, but rather underwhelming when you look at the exterior sculptures from close up. More Disney than Degas.

reviewed by Mark from United Kingdom on Sep.22.2010

Some people were complaining about having to pay to see La Sagrada Familia but to be honest 11 euros felt dirt cheap to see one of the wonders of the 20th Century. You have to pay a small surplus if you want to take the lift to the top but again it's totally worth it. Amazing views and you can also see a lot of the detail on the different towers. Completely mesmerising!

reviewed by Paul from United Kingdom on Sep.16.2010

recently took a guest to revisit La Sagrada and was re-blown away! The exhibition in the back (which I had bypassed last time) reveals Gaudi's inspirations from Mother Nature and its fascinating to look again at the cathedral with this knowledge... I couldn't understand all the technical architectural terms but his employment of science and physics from the natural world into man-made buildings is really impressive (can't believe he was the first to think of it!) and the guy was clearly a genius, even if his taste has been questioned by some. Unlike any other church in Europe... and for fear of spouting a cliche it really is a must-see in Barcelona

reviewed by DJ from Spain on Sep.26.2009

A mind-blowing piece of handiwork, and a great tribute to the legendary Gaudi. Worth coming to Barcelona to see this church alone

reviewed by Big D from United Kingdom on May.14.2009