Sabater Hermanos

Colorful handmade soaps

Finding soap shop Sabater Hermanos may be a bit of a challenge, but the results are well worth it once you get there. It’s hidden in a tangle of streets in the Gothic Quarter at the entrance to Plaça de Sant Felip Neri. The shop full of brightly-coloured soaps stands out from the grey, stony streets surrounding it. The soaps are made out of palm kernel oil and coconut right here in Barcelona. The store actually originated in Buenos Aires, where Sebastián Sabater opened it in back in 1937.

In 2001, the family still ran the shop, but they decided they wanted to open up another one in Catalonia. (In fact there are now also locations in Chile, Italy, and Greece). Today, Sebastián’s son and grandchildren are still using the same machines he originally used to create these beautiful handmade soaps.

You can find over 40 different kinds of soaps in all kinds scents at Sabater Hermanos, as well as shapes – they sell soaps that look like mini trains, golf balls, and flower petals. Some also have messages on them, like “Happy Birthday”, or have Christmas and other popular themes to them.

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Sabater Hermanos

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