Creative candy in the Gothic Quarter

If you fancy something sweet, there’s one place you have to visit in Barcelona – Papabubble. This shop in the heart of the Gothic Quarter sells handmade artisan candy with cool designs. You can get traditional hard candy, soft gummy “bubblets”, colourful lollipops, and more unusual things like candy rings, candy sushi, and candy flowers.

Although the brand is well-known around the world today (they have 32 shops), Papabubble started right here in Barcelona. Two Australian candy makers had a successful business in Melbourne, but they wanted to start over somewhere new. Their shop’s name comes from a nickname one of the owners got because he liked to blow bubbles in melting candy.

Papabubble sells about 30 flavours, some of which change depending on the season. They’ll even personalise your candy here with your favourite flavours, and they can add your name or logo as a design too. Even if you haven’t got a sweet tooth yourself, it’s quite fun to stop by and watch the candy being made in the shop.

Rumour has it if you hang out by the shop in the late afternoon, you might get a free sample from the scraps of freshly-made candy.

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