Techno lover's dream club in the Raval

Open seven nights a week every day of the year, two-storey club Moog is just steps away from Las Ramblas, albeit on a dark uninviting alley. The venue specialises in techno music of all styles, and it draws a mix of dedicated EDM fans and random visitors who have somehow managed to stumble there way here from the main street.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are typically safe bets to see the bigger DJs that come to Moog. Check their website to see who’s going to be playing every week. If techno’s not your thing, head upstairs to the “mirror room” to hear some poppier music, although it’ll still probably be less top 40 hits and more obscure Euro-pop.

If you’re over 25 prepare to feel ancient, as the crowd tend to hover all the 18-22 year old bracket.

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