L’illa Diagonal

Super shopping in the Superblock

Designed to look like a skyscraper lying down, this vast monolith quickly earned the nickname ‘the Superblock’ amongst Barcelona residents. The 56,000 metre-squared complex may not be everyone’s saucer of milk looks-wise, but there’s no denying L’illa Diagonal fulfills its brief as a shopping centre.

The gargantuan mall houses 170 shops and restaurants, two 4-star hotels, a sports centre – and even two schools! Amongst the shops cash-splashers will be pleased to find the likes of Diesel, Miss Sixty, Lacoste, Zara and the flagship store of Barcelona fashion house Custo. Nightowls should note that the popular alternative club Bikini is also nestled in the centre. L’illa Diagonal is closed on Sundays.

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L’illa Diagonal

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