Bo de B

Sandwiches worth waiting for

A strong contender for serving the best damn sandwiches in the whole of Barcelona, Bo de B is a hole-in-the-wall snack bar near the Post Office that holds a warm place in the hearts of the city’s (many) cheapskates. Bikers, boarders and other assorted Bohemians call by the window and order their favourite combination from dozens of fresh toppings, healthy breads and grilled meats.

Meanwhile the ten or so seats available inside are typically occupied by backpackers on their way back to their youth hostels, after a hard day’s sightseeing. Expect to pay no more than a handful of euros for your supper, and experience says a side order of Bo de B’s surprisingly good patatas bravas is well worth the extra dinero.

As it’s so popular you should also be prepared to wait in line for a bit. (If you don’t have time to wait then better head to our restaurant guide for more great eateries instead!).


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Bo de B

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