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It did once rain in Barcelona. We remember it well. It was some time around 1985. Crowds of people rushed out onto the streets, young children splashed in puddles, everyone was amazed and pensioners recalled with nostalgia the city's previous wet day in 1959. In case you're really gullible we are being facetious, but the fact remains that Barcelona is blessed with mighty fine (and mostly dry) weather almost year round - at least if you're the sort who likes to feel the sun on their face and wander around in nothing but flip-flops, a pair of speedos and a string vest. Even in winter temperatures rarely dip below 10 degrees celsius, and hardier folk will still be able to enjoy a cana of beer outside on some of the warmer days.

During summer, cold and unpleasant weather really is rare and the climate can even get a bit too sultry - July and August are the main offenders with average temperatures hovering just under 30 degrees Celsius. In general these are not the very best months to visit Barcelona, and in August in particular many residents will do the sensible thing and abandon the city to relax on the coast (some shops and restaurants will shut during this widely observed month-long holiday). Having said that, if you do arrive in summer there are plenty of opportunities to shield from whatever the hot weather throws at you, whether in the air-conditioned environs of the city's best museums or simply down at Barceloneta beach. Just don't forget your sunscreen or sizzled skin might be your most poignant souvenir from your time in Spain.

If you're looking for a short term weather forecast for Barcelona Spain, simply check our three day prognosis above. Below are the average temperatures by month for a rough guide on what to expect.

January - 10 Celsius/50 Fahrenheit
February - 13 Celsius/55 Fahrenheit
March - 13 Celsius/55 Fahrenheit
April - 16 Celsius/61 Fahrenheit
May - 18 Celsius/64 Fahrenheit
June - 21 Celsius/68 Fahrenheit
July - 25 Celsius/77 Fahrenheit
August - 29 Celsius/84 Fahrenheit
September - 22 Celsius/72 Fahrenheit
October - 18 Celsius/64 Fahrenheit
November - 16 Celsius/61 Fahrenheit
December - 12 Celsius/54 Fahrenheit

Barcelona weather

So the Friday to Sunday we last visited in April 2014 were figments of our imagination were they. It was a bloody monsoon, we were both constantly wet. Not a good experience

reviewed by Lyn from United Kingdom on Aug.29.2015

I will be in Barcelona for two nights in September, we get in on sunday, can you please recommend a nightclub to go? Or list of events. Thank u:)

reviewed by alina from United States on Jun.11.2015

I have book my vacation this November can you send me the list of parties happing

reviewed by dushyant from India on Oct.06.2013

Have just booked for my hen do for next April. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

reviewed by blondie from United Kingdom on Oct.19.2011

Well, this year, the weather in Barcelona and most of Catalunya, is quite different from other years, there has been more rain than ususal and cooler temperatures that normal July. Temperatures are about 25C o 26C and min. temps. of 18C. Normally its about 29C or 30C!!

reviewed by Adam from Spain on Jul.31.2011

i m planing to go 27 august to will be the weather? what i can view there?

reviewed by sham from Malaysia on Jul.28.2011

Awesome! I'm going to be in Barcelona on Sunday and can see the temperature is 19 degrees - fantastic for November!

reviewed by Mark B from United Kingdom on Nov.11.2010

I'm totally enjoying the November's weather!!! Amazing :)

reviewed by Chlo Lifestyle Barcelona from Spain on Nov.11.2010