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Established by two experienced Spanish teachers, Dime is a relatively small language school situated in the famous - but untouristic - district of Gracia. The founders, along with their crack team of professors, are passionate about the teaching process and take great pride in helping newcomers to Barcelona integrate themselves into society through language and culture. They teach in small classes (between 3 and 8 students) using the communicative method of teaching, practicing the language in real life context. And they also organise various extra-curricular activities every month so students can get a more in-depth knowledge about the local culture. Both intensive and extensvie courses are available in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, whilst the school can also arrange one-to-one private lessons. Dime is also one of the only Spanish schools in Barcelona that offers classes on a Saturday morning, perfect for those who are too busy during the week.

Dime Spanish School

great school to learn and to meet nice people!

reviewed by Victor Guerra from Brazil on Sep.10.2016

ottima scuola, bravissima insegnante e personale scolastico cordialissimo. buon rapporto qualità prezzo!!

reviewed by nicolò villa from Italy on Jun.30.2016

After moving to Barcelona, I studied at Dime for 6 months to learn Spanish progressing from absolute beginner to B1 level. All of the staff are friendly and helpful and make you feel immediately welcome. There are various activities for the students which are fun and interactive, and it's a great way to meet other people. I'm truly grateful for my time at Dime and I would recommend anyone looking for a Spanish school in Barcelona to study here.

reviewed by Jamie from United Kingdom on Jun.04.2016

There are not that many great schools in Barcelona for learning Catalan as a foreign language so I was really lucky to find Dime. I had 8 private lessons in total and my Catalan improved enormously. Both the teacher and my host family were fantastic. I would definitely recommend coming here to learn either Spanish or Catalan and I can't wait to come back to Barcelona and continue learning in the future!

reviewed by Larissa from Ireland on Jan.13.2016

During a week in Dec – 15 I had in total 15 private lessons at Dime’s language school in Barcelona and was very satisfied with both the administration and the quality of the teacher(Maria). They easily recognized what I needed to improve and the itinerary was highly professional organized.

reviewed by Johan from Sweden on Dec.20.2015

Lovely school with very friendly owners and fab teachers. You are made to feel important and cared for the moment you arrive. My teacher (Maria) was so sweet and friendly, she really made you feel comfortable and was very encouraging. Prices extremely reasonable and small classes which is great for pushing yourself to talk and practise. I learnt so much in a very short time. The free extra classes are really interesting and you get to meet some lovely people from all over the world. All in all an excellent experience and well recommended. Thank you Dime! I'll see you again soon!

reviewed by Helen Sims from United Kingdom on Nov.09.2015

I've done two terms of Spanish course this year, had a god time with Dime! Got lots of practical knowledge on spoken language, slang, sentence writing, regional festivals and so on. Strongly recommend to work out your Spanish with lovely staffs!

reviewed by Yi-Chun,Lin from Taiwan on Sep.18.2015

Dime is a small but very nice school in Gracia, one of the most beautiful neighbourhood in Barcelona. Usually the classes are taught in groups of 2-8 people, what makes it very interactive. The teachers are very friendly and the school also offers excursions to nice places in Barcelona. If you want to learn spanish in a friendly environment I definitely recommend Dime to you!!

reviewed by Lukas from Germany on Sep.02.2015

Dime Helped me so much and carry on doing so.

I always highly recommended them to people whom want to settle in Barcelona and Spain.

Dime is more than a school for me, it help make my life here.
Gracias todas a Dime. !

reviewed by Daryl from Spain on Aug.26.2015

Hola a todos!!! La mia esperienza con dime é stata ottima. Personale molto competente e disponibile. La professoressa, Lucia, molto accattivante e cordiale. Avrò un ottimo ricordo del mio corso di spagnolo a barcellona!!!!

reviewed by Virginia from Italy on Aug.17.2015

We had such a wonderful experience with Dime. Cristina was warm and inviting, making the registration process quick and easy. Our instruction, Maria, was delightful! We were only in Barcelona for about 7 weeks so opted to take beginner classes 2x's/week for 4 weeks. If we were going to be staying longer, I would definitely do the immersion, everyday.
After our 4 weeks, we really feel like we are able to understand the language in a more efficient way.
Class sizes are small and instruction is lovely. We were never stresses or made to feel silly. It was an awesome experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dime to anyone staying in Barcelona!

reviewed by Alexis and Jen from United States on Jun.13.2015

I am based in Barcelona just for a few months and was researching a beginners Spanish course to assist me with the basics. I came across a flyer for Dime Spanish School in my local café - I am so pleased that I found this! I joined the beginners class on the third lesson - but managed to catch up really quickly, with the help of a few private lessons. The teachers here are really fabulous and helpful, as were all the staff at Dime. I was a complete beginner to Spanish, but I feel that after just three weeks, it began to click for and I feel much more comfortable communicating in every day life situations. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to continue with classes due to work commitments but would definitely return to Dime if this situation changed. I have also made some great friends through the course whom I continue to meet with to practice Spanish ☺
Thank-you Dime!

reviewed by Melanie Jayne Taylor from Australia on May.27.2015

Dime is a fantastic Spanish School. All the people are helpful and the teachers are prepared making their lessons dynamic and fun. I could see improvements of our language skills, lesson after lesson. I am sorry to have to leave Barcelona even because I will have to stop to attend their classes. Thank you very much to all the Dime people.
Dime è un'ottima scuola di spagnolo. Le persone sono gentili e disponibili. Gli insegnanti sono preparati e rendono le lezioni dinamiche e divertenti. Potrete vedere miglioramenti lezione dopo lezione. Mi spiace di dover lasciare Barcellona anche perché non potrò continuare le loro lezioni. Un grazie a tutte le persone di Dime.
Per tutti gli italiani che devono apprendere lo spagnolo da zero: nessun timore, c'è Cristina che vi saprà aiutare ed indirizzare.

reviewed by Andrea from Italy on Feb.18.2015

We studied Spanish at Dime in Barcelona for a week and it was fantastic! The sessions were very interactive and the classes quite small, which was the best way to learn. Our teacher Montse was amazing and it was unbelievable how much we learned in just a few days. We would absolutely recommend Dime to anyone who is looking to improve their Spanish.

reviewed by Shay & Katie Desai from New Zealand on Nov.21.2014

First I chose this school because it was super cheap compared to other schools and I was quite afraid what's going to wait for me there. But in the first class I understood that was the best choice ever! Teacher was really cool, fun, professional and made the lesson amazing! So after studying more than two months I can understand and speak spanish, because the way of teaching was really interesting. All the staff of Dime are super cool! All the time with a smile, even you coming grumpy in the morning, they making you laugh :D Also they organizing activities, extra cultural classes for free, excursions, where you can meet new people and have a great time speaking in spanish. So I highly recommend everyone this school! And BIG thank you to Dime!

reviewed by Emilija from Lithuania on Oct.01.2014

I was in Barclona for 2 weeks with my friends. I never talk spanish before, so I was a bit scared to start learning a new different language; instead it was a great experience, fun and interesting. I suggest to try, the teacher were very patient and kind. I think i'll return next year!!

reviewed by Giulia from Italy on Aug.04.2014

davvero una bella esperienza!!! Imparare lo spagnolo non è mai stato così facile e divertente! Lo consiglio vivamente a chiunque voglia approfondire le proprie conoscenze! :)

reviewed by annalisa from Italy on Jul.29.2014

Dime Spanish School, was the best experience I had while living in Barcelona. Over a period of months, I had learned to write in spanish and eventually got the nerve speak up! Dime's staff goes beyond out their way to dip you into the culture and at the same time we had fun. Placing us in everyday situations and preparing us for all kinds of adventure that I had no idea even existed! It is the perfect school to go to whether you are in the city for business or study purposes and even if it is just a quick course. What made it perfect was I felt very welcomed and I could take the time I needed to understand. With Lessons and little essays to write for practice and different course levels, I was able to learn starting from whatever level I may have been at. From the start all the way to finish line... I highly recommend this School and I pray it continues to grow strong throughout the years! I have used it so much since then and never would have met all the great friends I have to this day if it wasn't for them. I owe all my thanks to Dime for introducing such a wonderful language. Thank you Dime!

reviewed by Maria from United States on May.24.2014

I had to learn Spanish for a job in Barcelona and to be honest I was demotivated by all the tenses and grammar. But the personal, encouraging and "there is not just one book" classes really motivated me.

I have done an intensive course until I reached the B2 level in a really friendly atmosphere with every day energetic and motivated teachers.

If you are looking for a Spanish course with personal attention and encouring classes I would really recommend Dime.

reviewed by Jorg from Spain on May.21.2014

I spent a week at Dimi in January 2014 and enjoyed every moment of it. I opted for two hours a day in group classes which were great fun and helped me enormously better understand Spanish grammar while also improving my vocabulary.
I also had two hours a day of individual classes with Jorge who was a mine of information about the Spanish language and comparative linguistics, a pet subject of mine and I learned an enormous amount.

The staff at Dimi are all adaptable, kind and above all enthusiastic and made my week there an unforgettable one.

I've been to several schools in Spain now and have enjoyed them all and for me Dimi stands out as being of a very high standard and yet relaxed too.

reviewed by MARCUS from France on May.13.2014

Looking for a family teaching you Spanish? Go DIME!!!

reviewed by Ruth from United States on May.08.2014

I had a great time and really improved my Spanish in Dime. Patient and friendly teachers, small class sizes, excellent location, great extra-curricular activities to get to know the culture of Barcelona...
Highly recommended!

reviewed by Turly O'Connor from Ireland on May.08.2014

Dime non è solo una scuola di lingue è un posto dove fare amicizia e divertirsi imparando.

In Dime ho incontrato un posto accogliente, bravi professori, molta disponibilità e attività divertenti da svolgere nei momenti extrascolastici.

reviewed by paola from Italy on May.07.2014

Learning in a language school is one thing. Having a completely fun and out of the cliche experience is another, and that's what Dime is actually offering: its professors, who never forgot how it's like to be fun and at the same time precise in their methods, its way of teaching with grammar examples that sticks to you no matter what and its rare quality to draw people from very different cultures and somehow turn them into good friends. Thanks a lot, guys, I've felt at home from the very beginning! ;)

reviewed by Miruna from Romania on May.05.2014

Different from all others language schools!! And much Cheaper!!
I inscribe one year ago and I did the intense course, every day for two hours for 3 month and I'm really satisfied of the classes. My spanish has really improved a lot.
the classe are small and the professors can focus more on individual problems.
Also they organize very interesting outdoor classes and activities.
Beside the language the most important thing is that I found a lot of friends and I'm still in contact with a lot of them.

reviewed by Mirza from Italy on Apr.01.2014

I went to DIME Spanish school for about 6 months in 2012 and had a really great time there. The staff are very friendly and good at teaching Spanish. Because the school isn't very big there is a homely atmosphere and within a week you're a member of the family! There are free/cheap weekly cultural activities too, which are a great opportunity to build friendships with teachers and other students. I would overall highly recommend DIME to people of all levels and backgrounds! :)

reviewed by Nick from United Kingdom on Mar.07.2014

I did read all the comments of the students, who are or have been in the spanish school DIME and I must say I agree with all of them. I am staying here since the beginning of last year and after a few months people told me that my spanish was very good. I did not speak a word when I arrived. I carry on, because I like perfection and I think I would miss that special atmosphere, those who share the class with me and of course the nice teachers and all the others who stay here.
Inge de Souza Lage
from Germany

reviewed by Inge from Germany on Feb.05.2014

I have been attending Spanish courses at Dime for about a year now and would highly recommend it. I have had the opportunity to learn from most of the teachers working at Dime. I have found them all highly qualified teachers who transmit their knowledge of the Spanish language in a clear and varied way. Last but not the least, they all seem to have a degree in friendliness as well. This combination makes you enjoy every class. I think I have never not been in the mood for showing up!

The pupils of Dime are also a great variety of people, of all ages from all over the world. I have met many wonderful people there. The cultural events Dime organizes regularly are also a great opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and customs, while practicing your Spanish skills out of the class room.

Fríða from Iceland

reviewed by Fríða from Iceland on Nov.13.2013

Dime is a great school, I've been going for more than 6 months now and have made a huge improvement in my Spanish, met some fantastic people and had lots of fun at the same time. The teachers are friendly and relaxed, but also very professional and tailor classes carefully to fit the students' needs. I always look forward to my classes at Dime and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in learning Spanish.

reviewed by John Hainsworth from United Kingdom on Aug.26.2013

DIME is a great school with the greatest teachers I've ever met! Everybody is really professional, fun, caring and easy-going. Studying there was a wonderful experience for me, my level got much higher after only 2 weeks there. What more can I say?.. I definitely recommend!

reviewed by Natalia from Russia on Aug.16.2013

I have just finished my second course at DIME and I want to recommend it in the highest possible terms. The environment is relaxed and fun, while the teachers are all so generous, encouraging and inspirational. I used to teach before I arrived in Barcelona and I only wish I could do it as well as the DIME staff!

Whatever level you're at, the school and their system will improve it dramatically and in a very short time. More importantly, you will only meet great people there! I miss it already!

reviewed by Michael from Ireland on Aug.13.2013

Dear Dime!

I would like to say that you are one of the friendliest and interesting places for languages study. For me, there are 3 main components that makes you so successful: teachers who love, motivate and understand their students, good study plan and the timetable that makes it very easy to manage such an always busy time :)
I would always highly recommend your school to all my friends!

My huge respect to all the professors and administration team!
Hasta luego !!

With love,
Dana Myrzakulova

reviewed by Dana from Kazakhstan on Jul.23.2013

I recommend DIME to anyone who wants to learn Spanish seriously. I have been to several language schools in different cities but the quality of teaching in DIME is exceptional. The school has very kind and professional staff and teachers, resulting in a very positive atmosphere. I went to an intensive course and it was well organized, with a perfect balance of grammatical and practical (conversation, reading and listening) lessons. Classes are small (8 students max) so teachers can correct your pronunciation/mistakes really well. Students are from all over the world and I met very interesting and sweet people. You won't regret choosing DIME.

reviewed by Haruhi from Japan on Jul.16.2013

If you are new in Barcelona, without friends and you do not speak Spanish at all, the best way how to start your life here is visiting DIME. Honestly, thanks them (teachers + pupils) I did not feel alone and lost in this big city. They gave me the feeling to be a part of a family bringing us to the parques, cines, parties, "street language" classes and many many other activities:)
Thanks them I met a lot of perfect people which some of them are now my really good friends. I appreciate that the teachers at DIME take care of their pupils, they really want them to speak well spanish and what is the best thing the classes are never boring because the teachers always find a funny way how to learn new grammar:)

This way I want to say BIG thank you to all teachers at DIME, my life here would not be so great without knowing all of you!!!

Mirka from Slovakia:)

reviewed by Mirka from Slovak Republic on Jul.15.2013

Dime is a small and friendly school, and the teachers are always welcoming friendly and happy. The reason this school is the best is because of the teachers. It is much more than just taking Spanish classes, it is a lot of fun activities with a great group of people. My evening Spanish classes are always the best part of the week for me, and I feel very lucky that I found this school :)

reviewed by Julian from Denmark on Apr.27.2013

Dime and it's people is seriously one of the best things I have gotten to know in Barcelona. My decision to take classes there changed my entire stay there! It is alway great fun to go to school while still learning a lot. All of them go out of their way to help the students to get the most out of their time in the city. Also, they are just really fun and amazing people and I'm so glad I got to know them!

reviewed by María from Iceland on Mar.19.2013

Thanks to Dime I love Spanish now and surely The school was my best choice.All the teachers are professionals and their approach to teaching is unique-amusing, interesting and efficient.The events that they organize out of the school was great experience too.Simply fantastic:)!!!!Thank you Dime!

reviewed by Sofia from Bulgaria on Mar.15.2013

Dime School.. a sign of complete satisfaction.. i am so honored to be a part of dime school.
the good thing about dime school its their teaching faculty where you have different professors
teaching u in different ways and styles, which is always good when you are learning a new
language, and in addition dime school takes to different tours in barcelona, so there is always
a direct communication with your professors, a best place where you can learn spanish, and the
dime school is pretty time flexible which in other lannguage school its hard to find. Dime
a good place for learining and an effective learning center

Muhammad Umer Razi

reviewed by Muhammad Umer Razi from Pakistan on Mar.13.2013

Learning Spanish at Dime was such a great experience!
Teachers are qualified, experienced and friendly, and with them you are guaranteed to learn in a positive and motivating environment: you will never get bored!
Dime's staff is very helpful and willing to answer all your questions, to understand your needs and help you achieve your learning goals.
Another plus is that Dime often organises Barcelona tours that make you discover the city's best kept secrets and give you a real insight of the Catalan and Spanish way of life.
I strongly recommend you to choose Dime as you Spanish School in Barcelona!

reviewed by Manuela from Italy on Jan.28.2013

Dime was the best place to learn Spanish and integrate with the Spanian/Catalan way of life. I went to classes for 1-5 year on and off and don't remember a boring moment in the class. I also believe we built long lasting relationships with the professors and strongly recommend the school to my friends.

reviewed by Damla from Turkey on Jan.24.2013

Taking Spanish lessons at Dime was the single best thing we did during our month in Barcelona.
We found this awesome spanish school by pure accident, and from the moment we walked in the door to enquire, we knew it was where we wanted to study :)
The staff are uber-cool and super-friendly, and organise weekly social & cultural excursions for all the students - making it far more than just a spanish school... it was a genuine cultural emersion.
Don't take chances with other spanish schools... go see the Ace team at Dime!

reviewed by Marc from Australia on Jan.23.2013

Dime was practically the first place i went in Spain. I didn´t know anything about Spain or Spanish language but they accepted me like a family member and patiently taught me about both. Classes are very intimate and personal and the teaching method is more practical and theorical. It is the best place to learn Spanish and make new friends!

reviewed by Firat from Turkey on Jan.23.2013