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Once upon a time people used to keep diaries. And then hide them away, and make sure that no one ever read them. Which was kind of pointless really (...unless it happened to be found Anne Frank-style years later, provide historic insight into a brutal regime, and then get turned into a triple Oscar-winning film...). These days, thanks to the joys of modern technology, people are much more inclined to write blogs, publish them on the www. and willingly share their contents with millions of people around the world...

Undoubtedly one of the 21st Century's most democratic tools, blogs not only give a voice to everyday people (taking a healthy slice of power back from politicians and journalists!) but on a humbler note they can also be a very handy, and entertaining, source of information. At Barcelona Life we've taken the time to compile a short list of our favourite Barcelona blogs and photoblogs (as well as many on other regions of Spain) and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do!

Blogs about Barcelona

Barcelona Photoblog
Explore Barcelona through the lens of Carlos Lorenzo with this fantastic photo blog, which has been chronicling the city since February 2006. All of the photos are annotated providing context and insight to the arresting array of images.

Oh Barcelona Blog
One of Barcelona's most successful apartment rentals sites is also the brains behind this extremely helpful blog detailing cool and interesting aspects of the city. Log on for their three day sightseeing itinerary, Barcelona shopping guide and much much more.

Urban Travel Blog
A blog/online travel magazine that covers all manner of exciting city destinations, including of course Barcelona. News, trends, culture, nightlife, city guides and great great travel writers. Highly recommended!

Walking Planets Blog
The local Barcelona-born guides of Walking Planets tours are the folk behind this blog, so you're brushing up with the experts on this URL. The majority of posts are events-related so this is one to follow if you're a culture cat hoping to locate the latest screenings, concerts or festivals. Posts alternate between Spanish and English.

FC Barcelona News
Want to know what Messi and chums have been up to this week? Check out this comprehensive blog to Barca FC, with all the latest transfers, squad news, sick list and plenty of match analysis.

From Barcelona
Wistful musings, insightful cultural commentaries, diverting anecdotes and some useful tips for Barcelona newbies make up this worthy blog. Check the tags on the right hand side to unveil more juicy content.

The Bad Rash
It might sound like an online guide for self-diagnosing embarrassing sexual problems, but The Bad Rash is in fact an informed blog about politics, culture and society in Catalonia - with the odd festival review thrown in. Irreverent and addictive, The Bad Rash is one itch you won't regret scratching.

Barcelona Blog
A superb blog charting fascinating aspects of Barcelona's culture and heritage in expert detail, with an ecological slant. You can also check their nature blog. A lot to discover!

Barcelona Sights
Winner of best blog in Europe award for 2009 (as voted for on thebloggersguide), Barcelona Sights is written by a nine year resident of the city and provides an alternative view of BCN to the traditional guidebook fare... everything from Cava to the Caganer is explored!

Drink Barcelona
The clue's in the name, but if you haven't guessed yet Drink Barcelona is an entertaining and accurate attempt by three ex-pats to chronicle the Barcelona bar, dining and nightlife scene... good clean(ish) fun.

Orange Polka Dot
From California to Catalunya... a knowledgeable blog that touches on culture, traditions, eco living, books and literature - and much more!

Fat Juicy Oyster
Sassy American Ieishah mixes advice on mastering your expat life in Barcelona with dating tips, linguistic mishaps, cultural observations and festival reviews - amongst many other things. She's also got plenty of good advice for other black women travelling in Spain and the rest of Europe.

An English Eye on Spain
An arresting photo blog with a fetish for the colour red and a healthy appreciation for Modernisme. Some great videos too!

Travels With A Gourmet
The food journals of this fine-diner are by no means restricted to Barcelona, but there are some great BCN tips to be found! Plus gastro-experiences from around the world.

Standing In A Spanish Doorway
A sharp look at the often baffling world of politics and social issues in Catalonia and Spain, by an Australian journalist living in Vilafranca del Penedès.

Living Barcelona
Get great survivor's tips on Barcelona, about restaurants, bars, events, and practical info - plus brush up on your Spanish at the same time! Yep this blog is in espanol.

Fleas and Dogs in Barcelona
Si quieres el perro, acepta las pulgas. If you want the dog, accept the fleas, is the motto of this blogger... and a highly appropriate one bearing in mind that she lives in Barcelona's most 'fruity' district, Raval (where the good, bad and the ugly take place in equal measure!). A highly entertaining and streetwise look at BCN.

Barcelona Tourist Guide
A one stop .com for everything you need to know about Barcelona, from how to get around, to the best places to visit in Barcelona, to the top events happening in the city each month. Apartment Barcelona's ultimate tourist guide is a handy companion for your trip to the Catalan capital.

George from Barcelona
The English version of the Catalan blog, YuriBCN, George is part Swedish, part Catalan and brought up in England. He brings his reflections on Catalan politics, nationalism and independence to the general public. If you ever wondered what Catalonia's beef is with Madrid, here's your reading material!

Nuno Aga Barcelona
Agnieszka is a Polish girl living in Barcelona. Nuno is the boyfriend she drags around to every festival, event and curious happening in the city! Regularly updated and written in both Polish and English, this is a great blog to get a feel for the richness of everyday life in BCN.

New Life in Spain
After a stint in the beautiful southern city of Malaga, the Norwegian senorita behind this intelligent blog has moved to Barcelona to continue her "new life in Spain". Regularly updated, NLIS covers everything from Spanish and Catalan traditions, travel and attractions and the curiosities of living here in Iberia. Strong photography accompanies most posts!

Blogs about Spain

Bored of reading about Barcelona? Well we can forgive you for wanting a change at least... try delving into these recommended blogs about other regions of Spain.

Land of no Spice
An Aussie girl let loose in Mondragon in the Basque Country. Domestic up and downs are woven into cultural discoveries and observations about life in this unique corner of Spain.

Beyond Madrid
A British/Sudanese professional writer gives you the lowdown on Spain's fascinating capital, with plenty of amusing and informative digressions on diverse topics from fashion and yoga, to dining and interior design.

The Spanish Blog
Learn about both Spain and the Spanish language with expert Laura Garrido Eslava. Free daily video lessons, mp3 courses, live online classes, Spanish recipes, city guides and culture features.

Cheap in Madrid
Penniless in the capital? Or simply an events junkie? Cheap in Madrid is a very handy blog listing a wide variety of free and/or cheap concerts, festivals, exhibitions and things to do almost every day of the week. Lots of great inspiration and you can keep up with them on Twitter.

American in Spain
One of the longest-running diaries we've discovered about life in Spain, Erik Rasmussen moved to the picturesque town of Colindres in Cantabria in 2005 and has been keeping his blog since 2006. Family life, everyday observations and photography feature strongly.

Teach Learn Run
Follow the adventures of Amy, a literature-loving 20-something from California, as she pursues her career in teaching English in the beautiful city of Malaga in Andalusia.

La Tortuga Viajera
The 'Travelling Tortoise' dispenses lots of advice about life as an expat in the Spanish capital of Madrid, including plenty of travel tips to other great destinations, recipes for traditional Spanish dishes - and fantastic photos.

The Rain in Spain...
...falls mainly in Pamplona, says the scribe behind this witty blog based in the town that Hemingway made so famous. The mother of three tell tales of cultural assimilation, local life and travels around Spain (including some very good Barcelona tips!). You can also follow via Facebook.

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reviewed by Lifestyle Barcelona from Spain on Oct.06.2015

Barcelona es una ciudad maravillosa. Si eres chica tienes que visitar el cntro especializado en extensiones de pestañas una a una. Te va encantar!

reviewed by Eli from Spain on Mar.24.2015

Hi Julie,

I visited the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona this year and made following video about my trip:


reviewed by Jeroen from Belgium on Aug.21.2014

Vidoe of Barcelona city!!!

reviewed by from Spain on May.08.2014

well if you are going to visit barcelona and you want live it as a local visit my blog

reviewed by vito from Spain on Apr.09.2014

Awesome post. I'm in love with Barcelona. Check out my blog! Currently in the process of moving there :)

reviewed by Alexandra from United States on Feb.18.2014

I also have a blog about Barcelona! Feel free to check it out:

reviewed by Alison from France on Sep.29.2013

I also have a blog about Barcelona! Feel free to check it out:

reviewed by Alison from France on Sep.29.2013

Amazing place. And more interesting is your post. This is very detailed and provides all the information needed. I really appreciate your hard work regarding this. Thanks for the share.

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Excellent post… was just what I was looking for! Thanks again.

reviewed by Jaume Barberena from Spain on Jun.14.2013

Very nice blog about Barcelona. If you like Barcelona and understand French take a look at

reviewed by Mikael25 from France on Mar.26.2013

Looking for a good night out, a nice restaurant, café or bar that won't cost you a fortune yet will still be a unique experience in Barcelona?
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Very nice page!

Have a look at my Barcelona pictures! :)

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reviewed by roberto from Italy on Feb.02.2013

Take a look at my blog; a Dane's life in Barcelona:

Adevntures & Fairy tales!

reviewed by Claudia from Spain on Dec.13.2012

Hi everyone, I'm from Barcelona and I also have a blog about Barcelona with many interesting and handy tips! It's in Dutch but everybody is welcome :)

reviewed by from Spain on Oct.23.2012

Great list of blogs - am working through them I also have a blog about living in Catalunya in case anyone is interested in life outside Barcelona. Here is the link

reviewed by kate wilson from Spain on Oct.20.2012

Very useful post. I checked all the blogs.
Hope I'm not gonna be to cheeky by inviting on my blog

Hope you will like it

reviewed by Andrzej Witek from Spain on Jul.26.2012

I know blog which is about two barcelona sisters who publish every week: fashion, restaurant, music and book. All related with Barcelona and it's culture. Awesome!

reviewed by Sisters secret from Spain on Feb.18.2012

some nice random snaps from barcelona

reviewed by el ben from Spain on Jan.21.2012

I have a blog too about Barcelona, un case you're interested;)

reviewed by letiziabarcelona from Spain on Dec.16.2011

I think Barcelona is the greatest city in the world!! Last summer I stayed there for 1 month and I visited almost all the city.
There's a lot of routes to do by yourself!


reviewed by Anne from France on Nov.24.2011

Great blog about barcelona life style ! help to promote tourism in spain specially , love it

recurso eolico

reviewed by Recurso Eolico from Spain on Aug.11.2011

Fotballreiser Barcelona

reviewed by Henry from Norway on Dec.27.2010

Ramblejant is a blog with information of La Rambla (Barcelona).

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