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address: C/Mirallers 2

tel: +34 (93) 3197006

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'Take your camera everywhere you go', 'Shoot from the hip' and 'Get as close to your subject as possible' are just three of the golden rules of Lomography... a school of photography that uses an analogue camera developed in Soviet Russia - the Lomo - to shoot colourful and often blurry and haphazard images. The refreshing, sometimes random, results have spawned adherents across the globe, including Spain. Here at Barcelona's Lomography store you can purchase you very own Lomo camera along with younger sister Diana and a range of lens and accessories to begin your own photographic Odyssey. With Barcelona as your muse, where better place to join the analogue revolution?

Lomo BCN

Fantastic little shop to visit! Even if you don't end up buying anything, it's a really fun place to stop in and browse. Check out the displays of snaps on the walls to get inspired for some photo opportunities of your own.

reviewed by Julie from United States on Nov.25.2014

In Born I've found a very special shoes shop called Zapatos de Diseno, they are behind el Fossar de les Moreres, Santa Maria del Mar Church. Beautiful embroidered shoes I'd never seen in my life.

reviewed by Lynda from United States on Oct.23.2012

Great analogue cameras. I prefer Holga to Lomo and Diana. The shop is quite expensive but very nice. SOmetimes you can find cheaper models in Mercat del Encants or on Ebay

reviewed by Dominica from Argentina on Sep.02.2010