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Barcelona's most famous beach takes its name from the small district where it is found - Barceloneta. Despite being as authentic as Pamela Anderson's cleavage (it was remodelled for the 1992 Olympics), Barceloneta's beach has become one of the Catalan capital's foremost attractions and although you're unlikely to find acres of golden sand all to yourself the human carnival unfolding all around you more than compensates for a lack of space. Hippies practicing handstands, sculptors carving monsters in the sand, Pakistanis touting cold beers and coconut and Chinese women offering massages... just a few of the vibrant characters you'll have fun observing on Barceloneta. Those with an eye for golden skin and exposed bodies will also find plenty to gaze at throughout summer - whilst in winter the surfing season starts! Read more about Barcelona's beaches here.

Barceloneta Beach

lots of sexy senoritas. had a blast tossing frisbee and sinking some cold beers. Watch your stuff though, a girlfriend of mine had her bag stolen when she went for a swim

reviewed by Josh from United States on Aug.14.2009



Barcelona Guide Bureau
reviewed Sep.11.2017
"We do really appreciate everything in this journey. Amaia was really pretty..."
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