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Map of Barcelona

Nothing gets you orientated in a city quite like a good map, and Barcelona Life are happy to present this interactive online map of Barcelona with just a little help from those techno wizards at Google. Scroll East to West, zoom in and out, and click on the placemark icons to read what we've got to say about some of the best places in town. Don't forget, by selecting the appropriate box on the left, you can display all restaurants, hotels and hostels, bars and clubs, shops, entertainment centres, museums/cultural attractions and services on the map - you can even search for the location of individual places (NB: our default map displays just the tags of all of the venues in our 'Culture' section). We hope our map of Barcelona Spain proves a great resource, but if there's anything else you'd like to see marked then drop us line, or leave a comment below. Those lucky enough to own an iPhone should also be aware that the above hotspots can be located just as easily on our free travel app, which can detect your location and even give you directions.

If you're on your way to Barcelona don't forget to check the weather forecast, as well as downloading our PDF to read on the plane. Once you get here make sure you pick up one of our beautifully-designed printed maps. They are available in collection points around the city and, packed full of info, tips and events, they will help you make the most of your time in Barcelona. Best of all they are completely free of charge!

Barcelona map

I love the city and football club. I want to come to Barcelona, but NOT in an illegal way, through the back way. I definitely need a God good sent Samaritan to make my dream a reality. Someone help please.

reviewed by Patrick Gomez from The Gambia on Dec.18.2013

this really helped me thanks!!!!!


reviewed by samual from United States on Apr.24.2013

Hi Lisa, check this page out... Or head to our entertainment section...

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Feb.04.2013

I am looking for things to do on vacation in september 2013 for my birthday

reviewed by Lisa Dermo from United States on Feb.01.2013

terrific page for tourists! thank you all!

reviewed by andreas charalambous from United States on Nov.07.2011

This is really useful. Thanks!

reviewed by Tony from United States on Jun.19.2011

I heard that you are about to print a map for Barcelona, like you do for those other cities. In Poland they are great! Is this true, and if so, when can I see them and where can I pick one up? Marysia

reviewed by Marysia from Poland on Nov.30.2010

Nice map. Keep up the good work Barcelona Life. Maybe some more restaurants?

reviewed by Hazza from United States on Jan.12.2010