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address: C/Montcada 15-23

tel: +34 (93) 2563000

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Picasso moved to Barcelona in 1895, aged 14, with his family and the city played an important part in his development as a man and artist. Indeed his first exhibition took place in Els Quatre Gats in 1897. It's only fitting then that the Picasso Museum lives on to celebrate the genius of Cubism's leading light - and arguably the 20th Century's most influential artist. The museum is lucky enough to have 3,500 pieces from all the periods of his career, from the melancholic Blue Period of his early years to the abstract Synthetic Cubism works for which he is renowned. No wonder then that this very special collection attracts over a million visitors every year! Note, the museum is closed on Mondays.

Picasso Museum

I'm not super into Picasso but went anyway because it was free on Sunday afternoon, and I was really glad I did. This is a really good museum, and I was very surprised by how much different stuff they had by Picasso there. Definitely worth a visit!

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.10.2015

I love the Blue Period and was great to see a number of paintings from this epoch in Picasso's life at this excellent museum. The only problem is that the museum can be very crowded, at least during our visit in July.

reviewed by Rose from United Kingdom on Jul.08.2010

Barcelona doesn't have so many good museums as Madrid but Picasso Museo stands out as the top place. Entrance is free on the last sunday of every month but then it is very crowdy

reviewed by Luis from Argentina on Feb.12.2010

def my fave museum in Barcelona. Picasso was a genius and you can see how skilled he was from his early works as well as how influential he was with his more famous cubist pieces.

reviewed by georgie from United States on Dec.30.2009

no need to say itīs worth (probably must-do ) site to visit but just to add a quick note that itīs for free on sundays from 3 to 8 pm

reviewed by katia from Spain on Oct.19.2009