Unusual, hand-forged iron jewellery

THR Barcelona sells a selection of rather unusual jewellery created out of hand-forged iron and glass. The accessories they sell make a definite style statement. Their designs won’t be to everyone’s taste, but they are something that you won’t find anywhere else. The majority of the jewellery and accessories sold here feature black iron twisted into designs featuring a brightly-coloured stone as the centerpiece. Occasionally, they’ll bring in some jewellery from another artist with an equally unique sense of style.

The cool part about the iron they use for designs is that it’s flexible, so you can bend the jewellery into a slightly different shape that suits you best. Ask one of the shop assistants to help you figure out how to best adjust a piece to your liking. The employees are also happy to find just the right piece for you. If you like a certain design but want it in a different colour, they’ll bring out extra pieces not on display to get the perfect match.

Prices start from about €8 for a pair of earrings and if you buy a set of items, they may give you a small discount. Great for an original souvenir.

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