Stoke Bar

Week-round entertainment at hip travellers bar

Somewhere on a narrow alley in the Old Jewish Quarter of the Barri Gotic is a welcoming enclave of the first order, designed to nourish and refresh both in-the-know locals and Barcelona newbies lucky enough to stumble upon it (hint check the map icon above to improve your chances!).

From the affordable global cuisine, consisting of everything from Tabbouleh (Lebanese salad) to Pad Thai, to the sexy tune selection, reliable WiFi connection and free tapas between 5-7pm, Stoke Bar has no shortage of hooks to reel you in with.

And quite apart from these constants, Stoke also weaves a varied web of week-round entertainment, including cult movie nights (Mondays), cocktail-making classes (Thursdays) and salsa classes with sangria (Sundays).

All the action takes place in a tactfully-restored tenement house where modern art mingles with marble staircases and Modernista flourishes. Check out the original one-piece floral floor tile on the first floor and wonder how the hell they hewed that one.


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Stoke Bar

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