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One of Barcelona’s most reputable language schools, Speakeasy has built its success on a number of key principles. For example: at Speakeasy you’ll only find qualified native-speaking Spanish teachers, groups lessons are kept to a maximum of ten students, and in class you’ll practice the effective immersion approach (not as scary as it sounds!). Whether you’re a visitor in search of an extensive curriculum, or you’re living in Barcelona and need evening classes Speakeasy have a course suitable for you – from levels beginner to advanced.

Best of all the school is committed to offering the best prices in Barcelona, so as your Spanish improves you’ll still be left with plenty of euros for sampling the city’s legendary nightlife (if you are so inclined!). The school is located right in the centre of the city at Plaça Universitat. Check out their website for more info and prices.

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  • "Strongly recommended" - by Linn
    I just finished 6 months of studies at Speakeasy here in Barcelona, and I'm so pleased with my time there. The teachers were really helpful and patient, and all the other staff as well. I liked the way they built up the classes, in order to learn as much possible. I strongly recommend studying at Speakeasy!
  • "Speakeasy bcn is the best!" - by Minseo Kim
    Now i'm currently studying in speakeasy bcn. I've been in this school for 3 months so far and i love it! I've heard some stories of other spanish language schools from my friends and i think speakeasy bcn is the best! They are especially very jealous of all the activities and trips that it organizes. Amazing activity manager Dina organizes so many events during weeks and also supercool trips in weekends. The main reason that i chose this language school was these activities aside from lessons and i'm really satisfied with them. It's easy to socialize with people and make friends. If you want to fully enjoy your time in barcelona, i really recommend speakeasy bcn. Also, teachers are nice and curriculums are good too!
  • "A wonderful experience. You get what you put in." - by Sebastian Shrager
    My name is Sebastian Shrager and I am a 29 year old recent medical graduate from the USA. I had never formally studied Spanish, so I signed up for a 12 week intensive course (4 hours every morning, 5 days a week) and 4 hours a week of medical Spanish in the afternoon. At the end of my 12 weeks, I had an intermediate level of Spanish, which means I was confident enough to speak and text in Spanish. Secondly, and more importantly, the institute is a wonderful environment to grow as human being. The staff are super friendly, the teachers really care if you learn and the extra curricular activities really broaden your horizons. Each week they have around 3 different social activities form visiting a museum, to going to a local market, to doing yoga on the beach and to visiting the bunkers. This activities allow you to explore the city and make new friends with other fellow students at the school. (It's really great to spend time with people who want to explore and immerse themselves in a new culture just as much as you do) They also have weekend trips, which included a weekend in Madrid, skiing in Andorra, the fire show in Valencia) I went for a weekend in Ibiza and it was one of the highlights of my 3 months in Spain Overall, I think speak easy bcn is a platform for a great experience. You get out of it, how much you put in. If you go to 3/4 classes a week, do not do your homework and never do any of the activities, you will miss out. If you go to class, do your homework and engage in the activities, you will fall in love with Barcelona and make life long friends.
  • "The school organizes some amazing trips!!!" - by Libby
    Speakeasy has made my experience in Barcelona so great! My teacher Ana is very nice and makes our class of 7 people super fun and interactive. Not only have I improved my Spanish, but I have also met tons of awesome people through the many events & activities that the school organizes. From skiing in Andorra to a trip to Ibiza, the school really organizes some amazing trips and you get a chance to meet people from all over the world.
  • "Best value for money course with lots of activities" - by Audrey Bingaman
    I am currently studying at SpeakeasyBCN and I am having an amazing experience thus far! I researched different language schools in BCN for about 5 months, and this option continued to rise as the best. First of all, I found the school to be relatively cheap in comparison to other schools. I did a lot of research prior to coming and inquired in many other schools about different prices, but I found Speakeasy to be the cheapest for what you get. Now that I have been in my program for 2 months and have experienced different teachers, I am assured that this is the case! Second, I found the administrators to be extremely helpful, especially prior to my arrival. I first exchanged emails with Dina and she responded much quicker and more thoroughly than the schools I had inquired about. Additionally, Gabriel was so helpful in the visa and admission process. It was evident that the two of them both cared about my individual situation and wanted to help. Third, I am not usually one for organized or school activities, but my first week here I decided to go to one of the Speakeasy events because I didn't know anyone. It turned out to be such a fun night and I made great friends that night! I have gone to several "activities" since, and every one of them has been a fun time and good cultural experience. It is a great way to meet people and get to know your classmates! Dina also does a really great job at making the events fun and making sure you feel connected and comfortable. Last thing.. I have been really pleased with my teachers and the help I have received from the reception in regards to my classes. It is evident that everyone at Speakeasy truly wants to help you make the most of your experience and time at the school!
  • "Great time, wonderful people, and now I speak Spanish!" - by Carolyn Ong
    It was indeed a great decision I made to study Spanish at Speak Easy BCN. I was in Barcelona for three months with the main motive to study Spanish. I enrolled for the twelve week intensive course - 20 hours per week. The price was reasonable, I got a discount by paying everything upfront. The location is superb - right in the heart of Barcelona, 2 minutes walk from Plaça Catalunya. The most important thing is, teachers are great and I learnt a lot everyday. I had Sandra and Veronica as my teachers and they are amazing and well experienced in teaching. On top of that, I befriended with people around the world not just in class but also by joining the weekly activities organised by the school. Dina, the activity coordinator is the best - you will never get bored with her activities - or even for advice on where to go in BCN, she knows it all! In short, I had a great time at Speak Easy, met wonderful people, and guess what? Now I can read, write, and speak Spanish! Definitely recommend it if you want to learn Spanish while explore Barcelona. Speak Easy has it all!
  • "Was great fun learning the language with Ramon and Speakeasy" - by Anna M.
    I studied spanish at speak easy for 8 weeks, 2 hours a day. When I first contacted the school I got a lot of help with CSN (if you're not Swedish you don't know what that is, but anyway an employee made it easy for me). I learned so much spanish in these 8 weeks, but our teacher Ramón also taught us a lot about the Spanish and Catalan cultures, which made it even more fun to learn the language! He was always very helpful, understanding and encouraging.
  • "Great summer classes" - by Claudia
    Great classes! I tryed Spanish classes in other countries/schools and this one was the best. I took classes in summer and I really like it, the teachers are profesional and explaining everything in the right way. Also the school is giving oportunities to meet other peoples in their activities so I made some new friends :)
  • "Highly recommended" - by Peter
    I can highly recommend Speakeasy! Super professional and friendly staff and teachers, central location and a very good price (I compared to many other schools in Barcelona). They also helped me with my student visa application, which was a bit of a pain in the ass.I will be back soon!
  • "Great and fast learning experience" - by Nico
    Great and fast learning experience with them!! Teachers are available for students, with strong teaching skills, schedule is flexible and price-quality ratio is excellent.. Perfect!!
  • "Young energetic and enthusiastic teachers" - by Niki
    I've been taking the intensive classes for 3 weeks now and my overall impression have been quite positive. The school is located 5 minutes from Placa Catalonia. The staff is friendly and helpful (for example, I started from the middle of the beginner's level and and thus half of the material from the textbook had been already covered; instead of making me pay 30 euros for the book they rented it to me for free). The teaching method is the old [study the grammar]-->[do the exercises from the textbook], plus they hand in additional materials, but in general - nothing unique there. The teachers, I think, are the best part. I had to change my group after the second week there, so I have observations for 4 different teachers in class. They're all young, energetic and look enthusiastic about what they're doing.


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