Safra 18 Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine in El Gotico

There are many nice restaurants on Barcelona’s attractive Ample Street, but Safra 18 may just be the pick of the bunch. A restored dairy parlour, the interior is a mix of medieval bricks and bright modern art, which has thankfully retained the charismatic, wooden double doors where once the cows were led in. Nowadays you won’t find any livestock, but rather tourists from France, Italy, Germany, Russia and beyond who have heard about the restaurant’s excellent reputation for Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a loyal crowd of locals, including many respected theatre performers and even Barcelona’s former Mayor, Jordi Hereu.

In addition to delicious risottos and French dishes, the menu boasts a number of Catalan classics updated for modern taste, like the trinxat entrée, a vegetable, bacon and sausage mix from the Pyrenees. There are also a range of tempting Catalan desserts and a wine list of Catalan and Spanish greats, including of course Cava, the region’s delicious take on Champagne. Head to our restaurants directory for a full list of places to eat in Barcelona.


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Safra 18 Restaurant

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