Pipa Club

Smokin' after hours joint

Although most tourists will miss this hidden bar, housed in an inconspicuous third floor flat (you have to ring the buzzer to get in), amongst local residents Pipa Club is Barcelona’s worst-kept secret.

Thanks to its late license, this shabby Sherlock Holmes-themed drinking den is regularly packed to the rafters with thirsty folk who have been kicked out of bars around the city. Keep your eyes out for the train of youngsters making their way across Plaza Real to Pipa at exactly 2:30am on a nightly basis (the closing time for virtually all other bars in Barcelona).

Ring the bell, ascend the stairs, try not to fall over right in front of the doorman, and you too will be admitted into this coven of late-night revelry… and, although there’s no dancefloor to strut your stuff, plenty of friendly drunks and a pool table make Pipa an essential nocturnal adventure.

Whilst it’s most famous for being the place to put the finishing touches to your hangover, the club does have a programme of jazz concerts and cultural events that (allegedly) take place earlier in the evening.


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Pipa Club

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