Nightlife nirvana for skaters and beatniks

Nevermind is where Barcelona’s skaters and metalheads alike flock to rock out in style. This pair of graffiti-splattered pubs – on in Gotico the other in Raval – have a constant soundtrack of grunge, garage and punk music playing in the background at top volume, along with videos of skateboarding tricks on repeat.

The larger of the two locations, on Carrer Tallers, actually has a skate ramp inside the bar, so people can show off their own skating skills (or lack thereof). Although at nights it tends to be commandeered by thirsty drinkers needing a place to sit.

If you’re keen to sample the hipster underbelly of Barcelona, and aren’t scared of a few neck tattoos and lobe gaugings, then these scrappy bars are a little slice of nightlife nirvana.


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