Exotic tapas and artisan ales

Chinese dumplings (aka “exotic tapas”) and artisan beers? It was a mix so unlikely that Mosquito was always bound to be an instant hit with the city’s hipsters… especially as it was one of the first craft beer bars in Barcelona (thank God there are many more options now!). Despite its location on a hidden backstreet of Born the restaurant is busy every night and reservations are essential (or else get there early).

In fact they are so busy here they don’t seem to have had time to translate their menu into either English – or even Spanish! Currently you have to navigate a tick box “laundry menu” written in Chinese and Catalan only. It kind of adds to the fun, even if the staff’s feigned smiles suggest they are tired of explaining it night after night.

A small portion of dumplings (boiled, fried or steamed) costs around 4-5 euros, and fillings include meat, seafood and vegetarian options, whilst the extensive beer list makes propping up the bar a viable option too.

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