Meson David

Traditional Spanish fare in turn-of-the-century tavern

Despite opening in 1908, at the height of Barcelona’s art nouveau movement, Meson David is styled in the earthy and jovial image of a traditional Spanish tavern – the sort you could imagine Don Quixote popping into after a hard day of battling windmills and wicked enchanters. With its white-washed walls, wooden ceiling beams and big oak barrels behind the bar, Meson David is the kind of no-nonsense restaurant where you expect big portions of delicious food and drink, all at a decent price. And in that case you certainly won’t go home disappointed. Everything from the Galician soups to the Catalan salads, and not forgetting the Basque hake and Navarra trout, come in giant quantities, whilst the tables full of convivially chatting locals are a testament to the high quality of authentic Spanish cuisine on offer.

For a special occasion it would be hard to imagine a better venue than Meson David’s upstairs chambers, where a low brick ceiling arches over banquet tables to create a number of intimate private salons.


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Meson David

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