Magic Club

Cheesy rock den for perpetual students

Looking for a late night option in El Borne district? You’re hardly spoiled for choice, as most of the bars in this neighbourhood close around 2:30am, with very few clubbing choices on your doorstep. At least, however, the one option you do have is a good one.

Fancy it ain’t, but Magic Club is a solid bet for a great time in a spit-and-sawdust and cheesy indie rock tunes kinda way. The crowd consists mainly of drunkards in 90s rock band T-shirts, 30-year-olds who haven’t left university yet, and various other folk who probably should have grown up by now. As with most clubs in Barcelona – the male/female ratio is about 80/20, but everyone’s having a good time at least, sweating it out to Arctic Monkeys, Queen and Oasis.

One frustration is how inconsistently popular it is. One day you’ll be queuing around the corner, another the place is completely dead. If you don’t see anyone hanging around outside then probably best to find another venue and come back another night.


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Magic Club

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