Where to Store Your Luggage in Barcelona?

Where can I leave my luggage in Barcelona? Lots of places, is the answer! Major transport nodes such as Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, Terminals 1 and 2, have storage lockers, as do Estacion de Sants train station and Estacion del Nord bus station. We look at the costs and practicalities of each, as well as the innovative, city-wide operator LuggageHero.

We tell you about so many great things to do here in Barcelona, from rambling around, visiting the top tourist sites, and checking out new restaurants. But none of this is much fun if you’re dragging suitcases behind you or you feel weighed down by a heavy pack strapped to your back. The solution, of course, is to store your luggage somewhere. But where?

It really depends on where you are, where you’re going and how much time you have. If you’re taking a quick jaunt from the airport, it’s easy enough to keep your bag there. Similarly, if you’re arriving to Barcelona’s main train station, Estacio de Sants, or its main bus station, Estacion du Nord, you will find lockers where you can keep your belongings.

If you’re staying in a hotel, and wondering what you can do with your baggage after you’ve checked out, then we’d advice asking at reception – chances are they have a safe room where you can leave your stuff, until it’s time to get your taxi to the airport.

Perhaps the most commonly occurring problem for travellers, is needing a place to store your suitcases after checking out of an apartment or Airbnb accommodation…

Perhaps the most commonly occurring problem for travellers, is needing a place to store your suitcase after checking out of an apartment or Airbnb accommodation. Unlike hotels, there’s rarely a place to leave your bags and nine times out of ten you’re expected to haul your cases out with you, when you lock up and deposit the keys (usually around noon!). For these modern travellers, the best solution is a global storage network, such as LuggageHero, which has more than 80 storage sites spread throughout the city, so that you can conveniently drop off your stuff until it’s time to wave a teary farewell to ‘The Great Enchantress’ and board your flight back home.

To help you “lighten your load” (pun intended!), we’ve gathered more detailed information about all of the above options below. From there, the choice is yours!

Barcelona El Prat Airport: Terminals 1 and 2

Can you leave luggage at Barcelona airport? Yes, if you end up with several hours to kill between flights and you want to go into Barcelona for some sightseeing, leaving your luggage at the airport is a convenient option. Both terminals of El Prat have left luggage services run by Excess Baggage Co.

Terminal 1

In Terminal 1, or T1, they are located in the intermodal lobby, on the lowest level of the Plaza, Floor 0. The service is open 24 hours.

Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, or T2, they are in the check-in lobby.  The service is open from 6.00 to 22.00.

Normal luggage (suitcases or similar) cost €6 per item of luggage, with a weight limit of 30kg per bag (after that expect to pay more). After the first 2 hours of storage, the cost rises to  €10 per item for a 24-hour period. Discounts are available for multiple pieces of luggage and longer storage times. If you lose your reclaim ticket, there will be a penalty charge of €10…. so don’t! Each location includes bag wrapping and international shipping.

If you want to double check these details, or read about special luggage requirements, head to the airport’s official website or the Excess Baggage Company website.

Barcelona Sants Train Station

Barcelona Sants is the city’s main railway station and a busy transportation hub. If you’re arriving by train and only have a few hours in the city, or if you’re staying in the neighbourhood, also called Sants, the train station could be a convenient place to leave your bags. But if you’re looking for a central location, this is not the best choice. Follow the signs for luggage storage (“consigna” in Spanish) and you will find small (80cm x 60cm x 40cm) and large lockers (90cm x 60cm x 50cm) for your luggage. The lockers are open daily from 5.30 to 23.00. Daily prices range from around €4 to €5.30 for each bag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Estacion del Nord Bus Station

Barcelona’s central bus station has lockers by the bus stops in front of the platforms and next to the tourist information kiosk. This region of the city is quite central, and a little more convenient than the train station, but you’ll still be walking quite a bit if you’re hitting the main tourist sites. The lockers are open daily from 5.30 to 23.00. The cost is €3.50 for a small locker (61.5cm x 28cm x 76.5cm) and €5 for a large one (61.5cm x 55.7cm x 91.5cm), and you pay with coins – so bring change. You pay for 24 hours, and if you go over that, you must pay for another day, so watch the clock! Once you open the locker, you have to pay again to close it, so make sure you grab everything you need before you lock up! (Photo credit: Wikipedia).


Instead of deciding on a luggage-storage location based on the transportation you’re using, you can choose from more than 80 locations according to where you want to go in the city. LuggageHero (which operates in several other European cities), uses a network of local shops located near popular transportation hubs and tourist destinations. These storage points are spread throughout the entire city. For example, you can find LuggageHero sites near Barcelona Sants Station, Las Ramblas and La Sagrada Familia (check the link!) for starters.

In terms of security, each shop is verified by a local LuggageHero representative, each bag receives a safety seal, and all luggage and contents are insured for €2500. Prices start at €1 per hour, with a one-time €2 handling fee, and a daily maximum of €10. The only thing to bear in mind is that the hours of service vary, depending on your chosen storage point, so just check the shop in question is going to be open at the hours you need to drop off and collect your belongings. When you head to their reservation platform, you’ll see the locations nearest you (or else nearest the place you want to go), including the operating hours of each drop-off point. Pretty convenient!


Leave any related questions in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Need to Book a Taxi?

Once you’ve sorted out where to leave your bags, you might want to organise a taxi to take you to the airport. Welcome Pickups make it easy to book a cab online, at no additional cost to flagging one down on the street.

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