Koy Shunka

Michelin approved sushi and sashimi

Picking up a Michelin star back in 2013, Koy Shunka can fairly claim to be one of the very best Asian eateries in town. Chef Hideki Matsuhisa started in the restaurant business aged 19 in Tokyo and he’s the brains behind the menu which includes classic Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, kobe beef, miso soup and nigiri all served to perfection, often with a creative twist.

Following the worldwide trend of tasting menus, diners can opt for Koy’s menu de degustacion and try ten delicious dishes… although if that’s the case you’d better free up around 2.5 hours of your evening. As you might expect Koy Shunka is not for cheapskates, so best save this for that more promising second date. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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Koy Shunka

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