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Three-wheelin' through Barcelona

Over the last fews years visitors to Barcelona have frequently found themselves ogling at the bright yellow flash of a sporty two-seater, three-wheel cart zipping through the city streets.

Normally driven by two tourists who seem to be having the time of their lives! These charismatic little vehicles are the property of GoCar Tours, and the good news is they are more than happy for you to borrow them for the afternoon. Using a GPS system and onboard computer, the GoCar vehicles help visitors navigate the roads of Barcelona, whilst talking to you and acting as your knowledgeable guide to the city (Michael Knight would surely approve!).

Tourists can are free to plan their own route, although there are two pre-planned circuits to choose from if you’re not sure what to see; one of the big advantages of touring Barcelona by car is that you’ll have time to cover everything from Gracia to Montjuic, and see all the major attractions in between.

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Go Car Barcelona

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