A neighbourhood favourite that offers great value for money

Located on the edge of the Raval neighbourhood, just a minute or so walk from La Rambla, Elisabets serves authentic local food at budget prices. It’s a nice spot for either tapas or a traditional ‘menu del dia’ midday lunch menu in the city centre.

They offer deals for group meals and very cheap beer, both of which help make it a popular choice among local students. Highlights on the menu include patatas rabiatas (think patatas bravas on steroids), morcilla con confitada de cebollas (blood sausage with caramelised onions) and chorizo en sidra (spicy sausage cooked in cider), although nearly everything is done to a high level.

They also do a decent paella and fideua. The decor is hardly astounding, but the stacked shelves of museum-piece radios are quite fun to marvel at whilst you’re waiting for your food to arrive. Like many of Barcelona’s more traditional restaurants, Elisabets is closed on Sundays and for three weeks every August.

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