El Tropezon

Spit and sawdust tapas bar in El Gotico

It might look like the sort of place that would sell you a moldy kebab and then wrong change you, and certainly the abrupt service is nothing to write home about, but El Tropezon is well-known amongst Barcelona cheapskates for some of the most affordable and tastiest tapas in town.

After the waiter has found it in him to show you the menu, with its numbered dishes, simply jot down whichever plates you want to order and hand him your list. As with all tapas joints, some delicacies are done better than others, but the xistorras (sausages), pimientos del padrón (spicy peppers) and patatas aioli (chips in mayonnaise sauce) all come highly recommended. What’s more the portions are surprisingly generous for tapas and you’ll soon forgive the lack of ceremony as they are dumped on El Tropezon’s rustic tables for you to devour. Que aproveche!

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El Tropezon

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