El Prat Airport

Barcelona's very own aeropuerto

Barcelona’s El Prat Airport is located approximately 10km from the city centre and, apart those unfortunate travellers flying with Ryanair (update the cheeky Irish carrier do now have several flights landing at Terminal 2), will be most tourists’ point of arrival. Over thirty million passengers pass through the security gates ever year, and the airport is Spain’s second largest after Madrid. Getting to and from the airport is easy, with an Aerobus service shuttling in between the terminals and Placa Espana and Placa Catalunya every 10 mins: journey time approx. 30 mins, tickets just over 6 euros.

Otherwise you can opt for a taxi for around 30 euros, which will save you a few minutes if you’re in a last ditch rush. If the driver’s English is suspect either hold up a sign with ‘aeropuerto de Barcelona’ scribbled on it or hold your arms out wide and make some whooshing noises. You’ll either end up at El Prat or the lunatic asylum


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El Prat Airport

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