Dans Le Noir?

More than a restaurant... prepare to dine in the dark

Just as Barcelona FC’s motto ‘més que un club’ informs you that this Catalan institution is more than a football team, so too does Dans le Noir’s own motto ‘mas que un restaurant’ demonstrate a status above mere gastronomy.

At Dans le Noir guests are invited to step into a pitch black room and enjoy their meal entirely bereft of their sense of sight. Blind waiters guide you to your seat, deftly seeing to all your needs, whilst specially-prepared market cuisine is brought to your table to be savoured by all your senses – except your vision. Textures and smell take on a new importance, whilst superficial markers, like colour and presentation are lost (indeed without their sight 90% of people can no longer differentiate between red and white wine). The shared blackness also brings a new depth to the art of conversation and produces a strong sense of solidarity with your fellow diners.

You can make reservations via Tripadvisor and other trusted bookings sites. Arrive early or linger afterwards to enjoy Dans le Noir’s elegant salon and discuss what you’ve just experienced. One of the more original things to do in the city.


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Dans Le Noir?

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