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There are lots of good bars in Barcelona…. but very few great ones. Which is why the opening of Clubhaus in 2019 was fantastic news for the city’s resident nightowls.

Three distinct spaces, set over two sprawling floors, Clubhaus is much more than a place to grab a beer, but is rather a nightlife complex more in the mould of some of East London’s or Berlin’s hippest venues, or even the hallowed multi-purpose ‘ruin pubs‘ of Budapest.

Showroom, the moniker of the bar’s ground floor, creates a fantastic first impression with a grand open salon, angled bar with smooth fake-wood finish, a mix of low and high tables, and some stage steps near the front for imperious peering down on your fellow drinkers. Plenty of light filters in from the broad Marques de l’Argentera boulevard outside and this is a great place to order a ‘Haus’ cocktail or IPA and pick at the tantalising food menu.

But it’s when you wander downstairs into the Jungle Room that things truly get exciting. Here a giant mural of Bruce Lee presides over a ping pong table, a karaoke booth contains Shakira-wannabes, and it’s possible to play a round of mini-golf in the bathrooms. All this while a rambunctious, hip crowd snack off an elevated street food menu (different to Showroom’s upstairs) and sip ‘pornstar’ cocktails on wall-length, low-slung sofa seats with street art murals behind. Now we’re having fun!

The number 3, in this triple nightlife knockout combo is Galaxy Room, a secretive space, quietly segregated from Jungle Room by an innocuous looking corridor. Behind the soundproofed door, however, pure pandemonium awaits (at least from around midnight onwards), as smoothly-dressed playboys and tough-but-sexy señoritas shake and ruffle their feathers to live DJs until 3am.


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