Cera 23

Top class nosh on a Raval back alley

Despite its inauspicious location on one of Raval’s least inviting streets (of which the district has many!), Cera 23 succeeds in attracting adventurous diners into its folds on a nightly basis.

Why? The tucker is rather amazing. Grilled tuna steak rolled in sesame seed sauce and “volcanoes” of black rice with seafood are amongst the main garnering rave reviews, whilst the editor also recommends getting your hands on some of the crunchy king prawns served with a mango dip.

Apart from the food, two things are invariably praised at Cera 23 and they are the friendly staff… who won’t let any of your needs go unattended, and the fruit flavoured mojitos that sparkle on the taste buds.

Due to its popularity best to reserve in advance. For more restaurants in Barcelona check out our dining guide.

Latest Reviews of Cera 23

  • "Good food and great mojitos" - by BJ
    Suffering from the tripadvisor effect... ie. you'll just find loads of wide-eyed tourists here as it's highly rated on TA. And the food was good, even very good, but didn't quite have me reaching for the superlatives. The blackberry mojito was everything it is cracked up to be. Worth a try overall, but don't expect to see any locals.


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Cera 23

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