Casa Lleo i Morera

Montaner's mulberry mansion

Perhaps the least visited of the three massive Modernista mansions on the “Block of Discord”, Casa Lleo i Morera is still one of the most spectacular buildings in the city.

This beauty was designed by none other than Lluis Domenech i Montaner, one of the leaders of the Catalan Renaissance (he also designed the famous Palau de la Musica).

The name of this building means “Lion and Mulberry Tree House”, so see if you can find the lions and mulberry trees hidden in the facade of the building. Some of the original elements have been lost over the years, but there’s still plenty to feast your eyes on.

Curiously, Salvador Dali salvaged some of the heads of one of the original sculptural elements that was destroyed, and you can see them in the patio of his Teatre-Museu in nearby Figueras.

Currently it’s not possible to take a tour of the building, as it’s closed for refurbishment, however we’ll update our readers as soon as things change.


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Casa Lleo i Morera

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