Casa Almirall

Historial watering hole on Joaquin Costa

Dating back to 1860, Casa Almirall is one of the oldest drinking establishments in Barcelona, and it’s got a thriving customer base today. Though the bar has been reformed a few times over the years, inside it still looks as though it might have when it first opened, with a wonderful marble bar and finely-crafted, curved woodwork. There’s even a cast iron statue of a Greek muse from the 1888 World Fair. In other words, if you’ve fallen in love with the city’s art nouveau aesthetic this is a great place to drink it in.

The bar often hosts events like concerts and silent film nights, though if there’s nothing special going on here it’s a great spot for a quiet conversation, or for people watching through the window. Carrer Joaquin Costa is one of the hippest spots in the city, and there’s always plenty going on outside.

Finally if you’ve come to Barcelona looking for a glass of the green fairy, you’ll be pleased to know Casa Almirall is one of the few places in the city that still serves absinthe, as well as – another traditional tipple – vermouth.


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Casa Almirall

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