Cafe de l’Academia

A local favourite that garners rave reviews

Tucked away in the narrow back streets of the Gothic Quarter, the Cafe de l’Academia is a local secret that’s recently popped up on the tourist radar thanks to some rave guidebook reviews.

The modern Catalan cuisine certainly deserves the hype with dishes like lasagne with black pudding, rack of lamb and, typically for a Catalan restaurant, a wide selection of succulent of fish dishes – such as cod gratinée with an artichoke mousse.

Proprietor Jordi Casteldi also owns his own vineyard and tasty drops from the grapes of Catalonia certainly add to L’Academia’s authentic regional feel. If you need any further endorsement of the Cafe’s quality then how about the fact it doesn’t even bother opening on weekends? Or even own a website. Or accept bookings via email. There’s simply no pandering to tourists at this address. Don’t worry if you can’t get a table thought, this is just one of many great restaurants in Barcelona!

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Latest Reviews of Cafe de l’Academia

  • "Good food and wine in the old town" - by Dualia
    Tasty food, and while there's a good selection of wine, the house wine is excellent, so you don't have to shell out too many euros for a pleasant meal.


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Cafe de l’Academia

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