Barcino School

Language academy with a personal touch

Barcino School believes that every student is unique, with unique needs, and there a few academies in Barcelona that offer greater flexibility than this friendly establishment in the Sants district.

In addition to their wide range of courses, from extensive evening classes and weekend classes to intensive sessions (including DELE preparation), they also provide a personalised guide for learning to each student, that allows them to progress faster than their expectations.

Barcino School employs a communicative teaching method, meaning students enjoy interactive lessons and develop their linguistic skills in real-life roleplaying situations, which they combine with the most effective aspects of traditional learning.

All of their enthusiastic teachers are Spanish native speakers with many years of experience in the classroom, and are skilled at keeping every student on track.

The school is well located, right next to Sants Train Station and the pleasant green space that is Parc de l’Espanya Industrial.

For students on intensive classes they can organise accommodation with a host family (for practicing Spanish after class), or in private or shared apartments.

The school take their title from the old Roman name for the city ‘Barcino’.

If you already speak Spanish, then you might be interested to note that Barcino also offer courses in Catalan, English, Russian, French, Portuguese and Italian.


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Barcino School

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