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By Duncan Rhodes Barcelona Life

Learn all about Barcelona riding your very own Personal Transporter…

Hailed as one of the most exciting innovations of the new millennium, the Segway PT (PT = Personal Transporter) is a futuristic two-wheel device that enables its rider to speedily traverse from A to B simply by transferring their weight backwards and forwards, whilst using the handlebars to steer. These one-man chariots are capable of going up to 20 km/h and thanks to their great handling they make covering a lot of ground easy for just about anyone. In fact they’re so practical that in some countries policemen, security guards and even the army have started to employ these two-wheeled marvels. Some people even play Segway polo!

Always on top of the latest trends, in Barcelona Segway tours have become all the rage – and it’s easy to see why. In just a couple of hours on your Personal Transporter you can take in so many more attractions than you could by walking alone, whilst their spatial economy and easy handling often make them more convenient than renting a bike. And, naturally, being a little bit different makes a Segway tour one of the cooler things to do in Barcelona.

Different operators offer different itineraries, but on your typical tour you might expect to glide on your personal transporter around the ancient alleyways of the beautiful Gothic Quarter, before hitting the long esplanades of Barcelona’s beaches. However atypical experiences are also possible – such as offroad Segway-ing, where your Personal Transporter is fitted with special tyres for eating up dirt tracks. Virtually all tours include a guide, a 15 minute introductory lesson (that’s all you need!) and Segway rental in the price.

Coming to Barcelona for a corporate event? Then why not consider hiring a fleet of Personal Transporters for your company team. You’ll have plenty of fun as you whizz around the city with your colleagues on your futuristic machines (…well it beats Powerpoint presentations that’s for sure).

Segway Tour Operators

Full list of tour operators in Barcelona coming soon! Just check back and we’ll keep you updated.

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